Acabar com o imposto sobre as grandes Fortunas é mau para a nossa democracia, economia e sociedade. Será um triste legado às gerações futuras nos USA

A Call to Preserve the Estate Tax


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2,172 Signers who WILL OWE or who HAVE PAID estate taxes under current law

3,362 Signers who WILL NOT OWE estate taxes under current law

We believe that permanent repeal of the estate tax would be bad for our democracy, our economy, and our society. Repealing the estate tax, a constructive part of our tax structure for 85 years, would leave an unfortunate legacy for America's future generations.

Only the richest 0.27 percent of our nation's families currently pay any estate tax at all. Repealing the estate tax would enrich the heirs of America's millionaires and billionaires while hurting families who struggle to make ends meet.

The billions of dollars in state and federal revenues lost will inevitably be made up either by increasing taxes on those less able to pay or by cutting Social Security, Medicare, environmental protection, and many other government programs so important to our nation's continued well-being.

The estate tax exerts a powerful and positive effect on charitable giving. Repeal would have a devastating impact on public charities ranging from institutions of higher education and land conservancies to organizations that assist the poor and disadvantaged.

We recognize the importance of protecting America's family farms and small businesses, and the estate tax has many special provisions that do so. But this concern — the rationale usually advanced for eliminating the estate tax — can be addressed by amending the existing estate tax system.

Let's fix the estate tax, not repeal it!